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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



There are many reasons why you should have a web site and just as many reasons why your choice of our web hosting services is truly worthwhile.

Solid Background in the Web Hosting Industry
We have been part of the web hosting scene for more than four years now, and thus have become familiar with the niceties of this industry. Our in-depth experience has encouraged us to pour a significant part of our creative juices into web development. The result is a web hosting platform of our own brand, which is available to you via a feature rich user-friendly Control Panel.
Trustworthy Partners 
At Irchad Web Hosting is working in collaboration with LiquidNet Ltd., a UK-based company (Registration No. 4654498), which is a pioneer in developing innovative online solutions. Thanks to this fruitful partnership, a joint network has been set up, accommodating more than 21 000 web hosting accounts and 53 000 domains.
A Complete Solution for Your Successful Online Presence
We offer you a one-stop web hosting solution, which will let you build a successful online presence through various helpful services. By completing everything under one company, you save yourself a lot of headaches. Thus you will enter into the global Internet space quickly, at a very reasonable cost. Drop by for a multi-lateral online experience based on next-generation technologies, fast servers & 24/7 customer support.
Competitive Prices
One of the most important decision breakers in one's mind - when it comes to choosing the best web hosting provider - is the good price/quality proportion of the offered services. At Irchad Web Hosting lets you trim down your costs to the maximum, by giving you more than you actually pay for. A combination between high-grade web resources, multiple domain hosting and many extra useful features, such as pre-installed web site scripts, is available to you at a very affordable price.
Full-Time Involvement with Customers' Online Demands
Our online efforts are concentrated on serving our customers' demands effectively, which is why we put an accent on qualitycustomer support available to you round the clock. Not only are our well-trained support guys at your disposal 24/7, they are also keen on responding to your needs almost immediately, although our response time guarantee is 1 hour.
Reliable and High Speed Server Network 
The technology behind our data centres is aimed at delivering maximum server performance, with a focus on inexpensive reliability. Our in-house built hosting platform is based on fast, first-quality custom-built servers under our ownership, that are located in Chicago, Ilinois in the United States and Maidenhead, Berkshire, in the UK.
Reliable Semi-Cluster Technology for Maximum Online Stability
The reliability of our self-developed web hosting platform software is among our priority tasks and we are continuously investing intellectual efforts toward taking it to a full cluster server technology level. Being a step away from the desired final result, we are offering you a semi-cluster based hosting service with many advantages. This technology allows the separate services, such as DNS and e-mail, to be performed on independent servers, which ensures their increased stability. Our platform has proven to be between 5 -10 times better than the one-server hosting platforms in terms of performance, usability and capacity.
Multi-Language Control Panel of our Own Development and Design
At Irchad Web Hosting Multi-Lingual Control Panel is very easy and pleasant to work with and is a product of our partnership with LiquidNet Ltd. For better orientation, the feature rich Control Panel interface is interspersed with useful Help Links and over 60 Video Tutorials that will shed light on everything that you may find useful. As of now, our Control Panel supports 11 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian), as their number is expected to keep growing.
Plenty of Useful Charge-free Features
Our web hosting services do not include web space, traffic and domain name options only. With every web hosting package you get many free-of-charge supplementary services:
Elefante Free Scripts Installer that allows you to easily install web site gadgets such as blogs, photo albums, forums, e-commerce, portals, etc.
- Elefante Marketing Tools containing site popularity check, rss feeds and other useful accessories.
- Elefante Administration Tools for hotlink protection, IP blocking and an .htaccess generator
Site Studio, an easy-to-use online website builder with a spectrum of 140 personal & business templates, making you forget about paying for web design services.
Multiple Web Site (Domain) Hosting
Our packages have been designed to let you host more than one independent web site in a single account. Moreover, you can add several web sites for the price of one, which is offered by few companies and considerably cuts off the domain hosting costs.
Possibility to Upgrade your Package to a More Advanced Set-Up
Keeping in mind your intentions to grow online, we allow you to easily upgrade your hosting account to a more advanced one directly from your Control Panel. You will be a click away from choosing the best plan to upgrade to and covering only the difference between the prices of the two packages, in compliance with the number of months left to the expiration date of the current account.
Unquestionable 30-day-Money-Back Guarantee
At Irchad Web Hosting packages include a 30-day money-back-guarantee, since we take into consideration the cases when someone will make a purchase from us and subsequently find that the product doesn't fit their demands or come up to their particular expectations. In the event of some mismatch between our services and your needs, you are free to request your investment back within one month of the sign-up date.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How to make your website load SUPER FAST!!!

How to make your website load SUPER FAST!!!

As you settle in to build or update your website, what's going through your mind? No doubt thoughts of a dynamic, feature-rich website with loads of beautiful, high resolution images and lashings of JavaScript to entertain and delight your visitors? And why not? After-all this is the generous age of fast internet ... What can go wrong?

In truth there are quite literally still millions of dial-up internet users out there. Remember that your website exists for the benefit of your visitors and customers and a fraction of them will have slow internet connections. Just because a visitor has a slow internet connection doesn't mean they don't want to buy things from your e-commerce store or enjoy your website. They will click away very fast if they find your website doesn't load quickly enough. If anything, as the internet has become faster, attention spans have gotten shorter. Your page loading time will even improve your search engine ranking now that Google uses site speed in their ranking algorithm. For all these reasons, we at @Irchad and VodaHost have prepared some easy tips to help you get your website is off the mark before its competitors:

1. Graphics
Images and graphics are the main culprit when it comes to slowing down a website's page load time. Always say it with plain text where you can or use small thumb-nails instead of the full graphic. Remember that even a massive website that is all plain text will load significantly faster than even one single largish image. It is nice to show off the artistic qualities of your design but if it is at the expense of your visitors experience then it is detrimental. You should also try to use image-manipulation software to make your images the right size for the page. Try out PIXResizer, for example. You should avoid re-sizing your images without re-rendering them at the right size because the web browser will still have to load the whole image and then just squish it when it comes time to render it; this will take time. Try and avoid having duplicate images to by keeping all the images for your website in one folder because your website should, as much as possible, load from the cache (memory) of your visitor’s computer. Identical images with different file-names will get in the way of this. You should also try and avoid using animations and use a static, properly re-sized, image where possible.

2. Tables

Try and minimize the use of tables in your website if you can. Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox et al) doesn't display the contents of a table until it has loaded all the elements within it, so if your entire website is contained within a table, it's gonna take a while to load. If you must use tables in your website, create as many different tables as you can. A different table should be employed for at least the header, body and footer of your website. That way, at least part of the web-page will appear to your visitor should they have a slow internet connection. Consider this, instead of tables, use CSS to keep your page organized.

3. Scripts
Some of the scripts out there can be fun but in an attempt not to mince words on the subject, it's fancy-shmancy. Little applications that show the user what the weather is doing in their part of the world, for example, are fairly pointless and slow down their web-surfing experience. If your visitor wants to know what the weather is doing outside, they can look out the window. You should consider scripts to be a luxury item and the rule here is, if it isn't essential, loose it!

4. Videos
Adding videos to your site can also slow down your website significantly. If you absolutely must stream, make sure your videos are small in file size. A really fantastic way to save on website speed is to embed videos into your site that you have uploaded to YouTube. You can get the HTML code from your YouTube video. Embedding videos in this way also saves on the scripts you’ll have to add to your site for the video player to work and means that your website will function faster. The more you distance the content of your site from the HTML file that “builds” it, the faster your site will load. As an added bonus, the link to Google’s YouTube will even help the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site and the more links to YouTube, the better!

Optimizing your page load time for your visitors will mean them a better experience and they will return to your website. Making a website for your visitors is extremely important. You must consider all the options and always optimize your site for them. Streamline your site, spread out your content neatly and stick to simple designs. All the really fast loading sites do...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



All web hosting services are provided by At Irchad Web Hosting, a Morocco based company, headquartered in Marrakech. Our company aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support.

It may sound unbelievable but the majority of the big companies in the web hosting business usually do not invest much in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on 3rd party solutions and software. Unlike theirs, our hosting software was created, developed and designed in-house by us. Moreover, our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service that we offer.
Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain money from their websites and respective online activities. The online presence in the ever expanding global network allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web.
The rivalry between the companies engaged in e-business, especially those in the web hosting industry, raised the stakes so high that the choice of an appropriate data center has come to be a crucial factor in the provision of a quality hosting service. As a valued web hosting client of At Irchad Web Hosting you will enjoy all the benefits of our state-of-the-art data centers, located on 2 continents - Steadfast, located in California, USA, and BlueSquare, located in Berkshire, UK.
Beside the well-chosen Data Center, we have achieved another good balance: new and fast servers, which work in perfect synchronicity with our web hosting software: Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core, 4 GB RAM, 2x750 GB SATA II Seagate in RAID 1.
Daily back-up is available to ensure that the hosted data stays safe.